We’re 10!

Yes. It’s been ten years

How to Research Advertising and Stay Friends with the Agency

Ad agencies are notoriously hostile to advertising research – they think it kills creativity. We empathise, but it needn’t be that way if you do it right…

Moving Down the Pyramid: Doing Qual in 2023

I’ve clocked up over 25 years as a qualie. Some musings on then and now.

It’s the Work that Counts

Over the last 9 and a bit years, we’ve run all sorts of projects, for all sorts of clients. So we’ve put a selection of the sorts of things we’ve done here in case you’re interested.

Insights are Rarely Obvious

True insight is rarely just ‘there’ for all to see. Read on here.

MR Realities.

A good series of podcasts on issues facing market research.

Big Claims, Little Evidence

If you’re going to make grand statements about consumers and the future of marketing, base it on solid evidence. Our thoughts on the prevalence of grand claims about what drives consumers.