We are qualitative research specialists.

Our expertise covers:

Consumer Immersion: exploring consumer needs, desires, feelings and behaviors, and the contextual, cultural and individual forces that shape them.

Customer Experience: identifying and understanding interactions between consumers / shoppers, and your category and brand – from the purchase journey right through to the usage occasion.

Brand Positioning: helping you find the most distinctive and meaningful place for your brand in the mind of your target consumer.

Communications Development: we help you develop and optimise your advertising and marketing communications. We’ve worked on 100s of campaigns. Here’s some of our favourites. And here’s our view on best practice for brand advertising development research, and here for behaviour change advertising development.

Behaviour Change: identifying fundamental patterns of behaviour, and what influences them, so you can work out how best to encourage change.

Innovation and NPD: we get involved at different stages in the process, from identifying opportunities to optimising execution and launch.