We always look to incorporate the latest thinking into our work – which is why we developed NuroQ™.

Recent developments in neuroscience, consumer psychology and behavioural economics all point to a simple human truth – that hidden, emotional processes massively influence customer decisions. We feel first, think later.

So how can ‘question and answer’ based techniques, focusing on explicit, conscious and rational responses, predict behaviour?

They can’t. Not entirely. Not by themselves.

We need to understand both the ‘System 1’ (fast, emotional) and ‘System 2’ (slow, deliberative) processes influencing behaviour.

NuroQ™ does this.

Developed in conjunction with Dr Phil Harris of Nuro and Melbourne University, it fuses the latest in neuroscience, consumer psychology, eye tracking and other biometric techniques with best practice qualitative methods.

Unlike other neuromarketing based methods, NuroQ™ is not tied to the lab. It is portable and mobile. So it has wide application across consumer and shopper insights, ranging from advertising and new product development, to customer experience and understanding shopper behaviour.

For more info, download the NuroQ™ Info Sheet or drop us a line.